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2013-06-17 Leer en voz alta

“Digital Rights: Latin América & The Caribbean” is a monthly newsletter, about the state of digital rights in Latin American and the Caribbean. Is available in three lenguages (english, português and spanish), the subscription is free, and it´s a project of 4 regional organizations, including Karisma Foundation.

The Internet is a decentralized global network that makes communicating with each other, informing ourselves and learning, easier. This way, Internet brings us closer. Thus, it is of great importance to participate of the discussions that generate around it. In Latin America and The Caribbean this issues are taking into the public agenda.

The primal objective of this Newsletter is to inform –journalists, legislators, advocates, etc. – about the key debates surrounding Internet that are starting to spawn in the region. On a monthly basis, we will put at your disposal regional news, analysis on key subjects, recommended research material and data about conferences and events. We will make our best to include every single voice to this discussion.

We do not know how the Web will be in the future, but we do know how we want it to be. We believe the way the digital world is shaped will, to great amount, define the nature of our democracies.

We invite you to join us in taking part of this initiative.

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You can subscribe to the version in spanish, and the version in português, as well. Welcome!

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