Biometric tech in public spaces enable discriminatory surveillance

2021-06-08 Leer en voz alta

We, the undersigned, call for an outright ban on uses of facial recognition and remote biometric recognition technologies that enable mass surveillance and discriminatory targeted surveillance.These tools have the capacity to identify, follow,single out, and track people everywhere they go,undermining our human rights and civil liberties —including the rights to privacy and data protection,the right to freedom of expression, the right to free assembly and association (leading to the criminalization of protest and causing a chilling effect), and the rights to equality and non-discrimination.

We’re joining a global call with Access Now, Amnesty Tech, Internet Freedom Foundation, Instituto Barasileño de Defensa del Consumidor, European Digital Rights, Humans Rights Watch and 170+ human rights advocates to ban this harmful tech that fuels discrimination and violates civil liberties.

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