It’s time to celebrate the Web We Want!

2014-09-19 Leer en voz alta

celebración de internet
We are pleased to announce that as part of  the Film Festival Creative Commons, Bogotá program will be having the Celebration of the Internet, a space that seeks to unite all of us who are interested in an open web where we can contribute and share content freely, a space to celebrate the web We Want!

We will be celebrating with our friends “Radio Pachone” and our special guests will be: “La Real Academia del Sonido” and “Radio Mixticius”.
The celebration takes place thanks to “A Year of Action” campaign of Web We Want, this campaign convocated organizations around the world to generate actions to celebrate 25 years of the web; we are one of the organizations which was benefited and now we can tell it’s time to celebrate the Web We Want!

The good news continue as part of the celebration we will keep saying that #SharingIsNotaCrime continuing with the National Cycle of Licencationes (this activity incorporates portions of the School of Open course, ABC del derecho de autor para bibliotecarios de América Latina (ABC of Copyright for Librarians in Latin America) and there’s more, we will have a Publications Fair thanks to RadioPachone.

The Celebration of the Internet, will be held in the framework of the Creative Commons Film Festival, Bogota program on Friday, September 26th from 4pm to 11pm in “La Redada (Calle 17 No. 2-51. La Candelaria, Bogotá) Entrance is free!

Important Info to celebrate:

Date: September 26, 2014
Time: 4pm -11pm.
Location: The Raid (Calle 17 No. 2-51 La Candelaria, Bogota.) Free entrance.

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