We are a Colombian civil society organization that seeks to respond to the threats and opportunities that “technology for development” poses to the exercise of human rights.

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Internet is your passion

Internet is your passion

Did you receive a notice for alleged copyright infringement? If you consider this to be an unfair measure or mistake, you can respond! Follow these tips and use these examples. There is no magic formula, but you have to try. The “notification and withdrawal” system is unfair, complicated and must change. Join our passionate internet defense. Report your case.

Other stories

Other stories

Other stories is a project in which we explore the Digital Citizen Services related to the electronic medical history and the Colombian health system. This project was made possible thanks to the support of Privacy International.

Action lines

Access to knowledge and culture

This thematic line is related to the search for public and private policies to reduce or eliminate economic, legal and technological barriers to knowledge and culture, especially when public funds are part of the equation. We seek to promote higher accessibility and openness that allows the enjoyment of the common good. In this sense, we…

Internet Governance

This thematic line reflects the values and challenges that we encounter daily when working for the defense of the Internet. As a stakeholder of the Internet ecosystem, we seek to relate to governments, the private sector, academia and technical community through active participation to influence and highlight issues that are relevant to civil society. In…

Security and privacy

We seek to protect the fundamental right to privacy from illegitimate interference by the State and individuals who take the form of mass surveillance and control of information and personal data, in order to promote and maintain an environment in which citizens enjoy autonomy for participation in democratic life. Taking into account that a great…

Innovation and social technology

Using a laboratory approach, we explore new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations to address social needs using different forms of technologies with the aim of enriching civil society. The Lab-ITS experiments primarily in small-scale contexts and local markets, under the framework of innovation and social technologies, prioritizing networking activities with organizations and people interested in…

Freedom of expression

We believe that  information and communications technologies, especially the internet, have provided an unprecedented space for the exercise of freedom of expression. This right allows the enjoyment of other rights such as access to information, culture and knowledge, education, privacy, etc. Through a cross-cutting vision, we work for the defense and promotion of this right…


We work on proposals for inclusion and search for equity to enable all people to enjoy the same opportunities to create, express, know, direct and participate in all areas of life, focusing in particular on the recognition of gender inequities that occur in our society and which are reproduced in digital environments.