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Fundación Karisma

Bogotá, February 2, 2024. The Board of Directors of Fundación Karisma is pleased to announce that as of February 1, 2024, María Catalina Moreno and Juan Diego Castañeda will co-direct our organization. Carolina Botero, who has been at the helm of the Foundation for more than 10 years, is voluntarily stepping down from her position and will accompany the transition process as an advisor to the leadership.

To lead Karisma for the next four years, we have adopted a co-leadership model that allows us to leverage the strengths of two individuals who have played prominent roles in our organization and whom we trust to lead it through the challenges ahead.

María Catalina has led Karisma’s Social Inclusion line for the past two and a half years, where she has worked to ensure that technologies serve and protect social groups exposed to violence and discrimination. Juan Diego has been in charge of the Foundation’s management since September 2023, and for more than six years has been the coordinator of the Autonomy and Dignity line, working in key areas such as identification systems, communications surveillance and Internet regulation.

A huge thank you to our supporters, funders, activists, media, fellow organizations, and allies for believing in us. We’re working on making our organization stronger and more organized, and making sure we hand over leadership smoothly and responsibly. All this helps us do a better job at defending human rights and social justice, with a focus on gender issues. Taking on these challenges is our way of showing our appreciation for your support.

In line with our work of promoting and defending human rights in digital contexts in Colombia for over 20 years, the Karisma Board would also like to express that we see this transition as a new opportunity to enhance the legacy of our former director. We thank Carolina for her commitment, leadership and dedication during more than ten years at the helm of the organization. We thank María Catalina and Juan Diego for their work and willingness to take on the leadership role. We are confident that under their leadership, Karisma will continue to grow and serve the country as it has in the past.

We recognize that the world of 20 years ago bears little resemblance to the one we are experiencing today, and that all the technical and legal expertise we have built, our analytical, monitoring and policy formulation skills, and our ability to bring about change through advocacy, communications and campaign development are open to new opportunities.

Here we are, continuing to gather and reaffirm ourselves in this transformative activism that constantly leads us to rethink ourselves as a flexible and open organization and team that recognizes the value of change. Juan Diego and Catalina can be reached at and, respectively. To communicate with Carolina, please use

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